BITS Pilani (Girls) v. Kanoria (Girls)

Hello, and welcome to the live blogging coverage of Monday night’s basketball matches by PixieDust and Blackadder!

The first match we’re covering today is a faceoff between the home girls’ team and Kanoria for a spot in the final four.

The players have just come on to the court and are warming up.

Blackadder: The home team enters this match having dashed JNU’s hopes to secure their spot in the quarters.

PixieDust: The players are off the court and the match is set to start! Welcome, enthusiasts! 

The players are on the court ready for the whistle to blow, and we’re off!

Blackadder: And in the first thirty seconds, Sanskruti and Radhika come around for BITS to take a 6-0 lead!

The home girls making it look easy with two more easy points to extend the lead to 10!

PS: Today’s match is brought to you by the wonders of mobile data which, in this bustling hamlet, is far from lightning speed. Slippers on the bloggers are not invited.

Kanoria is struggling to get its name on the board as BITS leads 12-0.

PixieDust: As the crowd heckles the Kanorians, they throw away both freethrows incurred off a foul.

Blackadder: And BITS with the fastbreak comes back for two 2-pointers. 16-0! They’re making this look too easy!

Kanoria calls for a timeout, a much needed one at that. They need to get their heads back into the game.

Meanwhile, an enthusiastic first year goes streaking on the court.

Blackadder: A change of sides does nothing for Kanoria as they shot-less. The sound of the cheering for the home team is easily eclipsed by the sound of an overexcited Hindi speaker struggling to get a breath in between his incessant speech.

PixieDust: The lead now 18 to nothing. Kanoria really needs a miracle to start shooting.

And with the timeout comes in Random42, the squirrel torturer, recently having a thing for moths. Hello!

Random42: Greetings, fellow mortals and rodents! Kanoria gets a single freethrow which they, predictably, miss.

The equation of points for both teams is as follows:

BITS = 1/(Kanoria)

Kanoria = 1 + e^iπ

Blackadder: And what’s this?! The match is over already, somehow, with BITS going straight to the final 20-0. Random42 postulates that Kanoria has given up, although that was the case since the beginning of the match.

Meanwhile, the most awaited match of the day is set to start as the home boys’ team warms up!

And a light drizzle begins.

That’s all from this post for now. Head over to the live blogging feed for the BITS Pilani Boys’ match against LMNIIT!



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