BITS Pilani (Boys) v. LMNIIT (Boys)

Hello, folks! Welcome to the live blogging feed of the quarterfinal clash between the home boys and LMNIIT! This match is brought to you by Random42, PixieDust, Blackadder, and the wonders of 3G in Pilani.

The players are now warming up as LMNIIT goes into a huddle.

And the match is underway! BITS stays with its constant lineup and each team rebounds.

PixieDust: And Baby Doll scores! 2-0 for the home team!

And very soon, the away team equalises, much to the disappointment of the crowd.

Blackadder: Baby Doll with the brilliant layup to get the score to 5-2 post a single freethrow and the away team’s airball.

Bittu with the steal! 7-2! The crowd is really heating up now. 

Atley falls, and goes off court. But the team doesn’t fall behind, and goes up 13-2!

The teams are back post a brief timeout, and a bit of brilliant ball movement takes the team to 15!

PixieDust: Today’s crowd isn’t as vibrant as yesterday’s. It must be the Monday mood.

Bittu substituted by Jaat.

Two freethrows in, an easy pass and BITS leads 19-2! LMNIIT clearly needs to get its act together.

Random42: 23-2 with another exquisite Baby Doll layup. This is too one-sided now.

Blackadder: The crowd expects some competition, and, with the lack of it, remains as silent. However, the non-stop running commentators attack and fill the night air with their monotonous voices.

And it’s halftime, with the home team leading 23-2.

Random42: Squirrel-hunting time!

Blackadder: And we’re back. BITS now on a 23-0 streak. The crowd emits an exhausted collective yawn.

The streak finally comes to an end with a 3. The crowd finally shows some activity as BITS takes the tally to 28-5.

The away team begins to show some competence as the ball goes to their side.

PixieDust: 30-6 now.

The crowd begins to leave. The match doesn’t seem to be going anywhere besides towards a win for the home team.

Blackadder: The home crowd begins to cheer for the away team, in the hope that they’ll provide some entertainment.

A timeout is called. 32-6. Yawn.

The sound of two crows mating distracts the masses.

35-6 now. The crowd gets behind Atin.

Random factoid: PinkHelmet used to play basketball in school. But alas, he was the shortest and was only counted as half of the player he really was. Also, pink helmets are now used in General Motors.

And the whistle blows! 37-11!

BITS Pilani moves into the semifinals, and we are out for today. Thanks for following, if you have reached this far, and we look forward to spouting pieces of our pseudo-knowledge tomorrow. Till then, pip-pip!


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