BITS Pilani vs JNU, Girls’ Basketball

Hi peeps.

L and KIRA here, bringing you BITS Pilani vs JNU, girls basketball. LIVE !

So, the teams are considered to be of equal calibre, but with the crowd backing them at all times and a minor victory streak behind them, BITS Pilani seems to have a big psychological advantage.

KIRA: Yo L, game has started, pay attention. BITS Pilani has started off strong, and the cheering and chanting is already underway.

BITS leads 6-1

L: Yup. So, I’ll be direct

BITS missing an easy chance. Posession being exchanged at regular intervals of time. A follow up miss by JNU, and the scoreboard remains stagnant.

Couple of freethrows to JNU. One out, and one in. BITS leads 6-2

Bad throw. Catfight. And JNU’s attack is quickly converted into a two pointer for the opponents.

BITS seems to be confident of their game, attempting longer shots.

BITS leads 12-2, with an amazing pass across the court, with the entire JNU defence way out.

KIRA: Nice one. Woohoo..

L: Continue, will you

Back after a short timeout. Miss by JNU, and possession back to BITS.

Teams chilling yet again, and the score stays at 12-2 in favour of the home team.

Rather long break, don’t you think

KIRA: Yeah. Easy for you to say. Sitting in the stands and being judgemental.

Freethrows to JNU. FAIL.

Next one goes in.

Interesting how the crowd cheers for nightwear, whenever a certain PJ makes an attempt at the basket.

BITS scores, and we miss it. 14-3

BITS with the attack, and an easy two pointer. 16-3. The nightwear injures Pasari.

Return of the pajamas, it seems. Radhika has her sweet revenge.

And what is this. The PJ manages to score. BITS misses, rebound and score. 18-5 in favour of BITS.

There’s a pangender octopus roaming the cosmos in search for love on the field.

Referee’s whistle gives us some time to breathe

JNU with the attack. Chitra, the picture in possession. JNU scores. 18-7

BITS returns immediately. 20-7

Random catfight, and the referee’s whistle again

L: Kitna timeout lete hai bhai….

KIRA: Silent comprehension

The FMAK and photog people busy catering to the needs of their friends in the stands

Delicious score by Samchat. The first years are really making a mark this year.

Miss by BITS. Another attempt at a three pointer missed. JNU with two failed attempts. Samchat makes two more.

And, the score moves from pi to 24/7

L: Catfight dude, this was a catfight

KIRA: Silent comprehension

People missing shots by lengths measured in meters.

Finally, score by BITS. Attempt. Fail. Rebound. Fail. More attempts. Fail. JNU struggling

Freethrows to JNU. Crowd ensures that both are misses. The nightwear is failing. Wardrobe malfunction, it seems

Another break. Refs, as usual, itching to show off their skills.

Play resumes, and BITS scores immediately. 28-7. Looks extremely one sided for now

Random exhibition of TDC characteristics. Jats entering the drama.

L: Oh bhai. WTF

KIRA: Oh bhai. WTF

Awesome straight three pointer from JNU. 28-10, BITS leads

Couple misses later, BITS manages to get possession back, and finally scores. 30-10.

Sanskruti missing an easy one. As I’m typing this, BITS grabs possession and scores. 32-10, and BITS girls are making this look too easy. Strong defensive maneuver too

L: Dude. Kitna stamina hai yaar inme. Attempts. Misses. Tussles and falls. It’s all happening here, people

Whistle. Break. Don’t know about the players, but I’m exhausted

Steal, and easy score. Samchat seems to be on a roll here.

L:If you’re not cheering, and you’re just typing things, this gets boring after a certain point.

An elephant fart blows everyone to smithereens.

And before you know it, BITS wins 34 points to 12. Nice work


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