BITS Pilani vs BKBIET, boys’ basketball

Hello people. L and KIRA again.

Both teams enter, and it has become quite clear that we are in the wrong stands. All BKBIET on this side.

L: As we sit, huddled in a corner in the midst of this maniacal bunch of people….

KIRA: Do you really want me to write that.

L: I know. We’ll be thrown out if they read this.

KIRA: Look at them. Do you think they can?

L: Throw us out?

KIRA: Read

Apologies. Live blogging was assigned to somebody else…..

As both teams go into their highly synchronised practise session, the BKBIET crowd goes crazy. BITSian crowd seems to be quite tame at the moment. But as we all know, our prowess comes out only during opponent freethrows.

L going crazy. Looks like it’s all on me now

Chants from all random regions and languages coming from the BKBIET stands.



Match starts, and the excitement is already in it’s highest levels.

Baby doll gets freethrows. One in, and the other not.

Return score by BKBIET. BKBIET leads, 2-1

BITS returns. 3-3

Foul by BITS. This is becoming too hard to watch.

One failed. Other converted. BKBIET leads, 4-3

Quick timeout

Nigga Sr., one of our own, with a sensational three pointer. BITS leads, 6-4

Freethrows to BIET. Crowd ensures two misses.

Random quote from a BIET fan” pehle shanti, layenge kranti”. Don’t even ask..

Freethrows. Miss and a hit.

baby doll with an open court. Misses. Return attack by BIET. Freethrows to them.

Extreme fail. Two misses. Silence on this part of the stands. BITS making ambitious attempts.

Return from BKBIET. BITS leads 8-6.

Baby doll with a two pointer and a couple of freethrows.

Missed shot, converted on the rebound. Immediate return from BKBIET. 12-8.

A three pointer, followed by a two pointer. 17-8

The crowd has become a bunch of Baby Doll fanboys at the moment.

Amidst the ruckus, we just find out about the HPC commentary competition.

Play resumes, and BITS takes possession. More misses and hits. More chants and cheers.

Ambitious attempt at a three pointer. Miss by BKBIET. Quick exchange. BKBIET returns. Freethrows for BIET, and BITS leading 21-11.

Freethrows for BITS now. Bittu, Bittu being the new chant.

Miss. Booing from the opposing camp.

Interestingly enough, as the game progresses, there is a visible drop in quality of my writing and grammatical structure.

Miss by BKBIET, and score for the home team. BITS leads, 23-15.

Two missed freethrows later, game resumes.

Random first year,”Abe Nigga Sr. mast khelta hai be”.


Some random attempts later, score is at 25-15

Beauty of a two pointer, and BITS is now asserting it’s dominance in the game.

Beautiful tap by Bittu to save another basket.

Match resumes, and so do we. BITS leads 30-17.

Pink Helmet joins us for the commentary…

Couple of freethrows. Miss and a hit. 31-17.

Possession to BITS. Baby doll misses, but the crowd admires him too much to criticise him.

Foul by BITS, possibly a freethrow.

Nope. Just change of possession Immediate return from BITS. Bittu scores, and BITS leads 33-17.

37-19. One more for BITS, as the home side quickly extends the lead.

BKBIET responds with a three pointer.


Pink Helmet: Why does the game have to pick up pace so quickly as I join the commentary? Can’t quite keep up with this progress.

Venu lands a two pointer! 41-26 now.

Elevated levels of action before the players now disperse for a break.

BKBIET miss out on both attempts of their free throw.

They make up for it with a two pointer. BITS replies with a point of their own.


PH: The stands here are reverberating with excitement. Electric atmosphere all round.  Great to see.


Foul results in free throw for the visitors. They miss out on all three occasions to the delight of the strong home crowd.

Obstructed throws again. This time, free throw for BITS. Karwa fails to convert. The crowd falls silent.

PH: It appears as though frustration is taking its toll on the players. Fouls and resulting free throws have been the central theme in the past ten minutes of play.


Beautiful point there by BKEIT. But a tad too late.

Match ends at 47-34. BITS takes the victory!

Here’s KIRA, L and Pink Helmet signing off. Until the next match.



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