Pool: Gaurav Bansal

A mix of talented new recruits,innumerable hours of practice and a great frame of mind implies that the pool team are optimistic of going all the way this BOSM. We catch up with Gaurav Bansal, captain of the pool team,to talk recruitments, strategies and general participation this year.

The recruitment process this time around was much more comprehensive, with strong emphasis being placed on the technical side of the game. The players who made through the preliminary rounds as well as the later stages were inducted into the team. The new faces this season include three freshers and one student from the third year, with the latter being the best player on the team according to the captain.

Talking about their strengths,a first yearite by the name of Anirudh has been deemed by the captain as the player to look out for this time around. Gaurav is also especially impressed by the team’s heightened awareness and technical abilities and is of the opinion that they will be a tough one to beat this year.

According to Gaurav, the interest in the game has seen a spike in the recent years. Participation has reached an all-time high this time around, with eleven teams accepting the invite to play in BOSM.
The captain expressed his gratitude towards the vice captain of the team, who took charge and led the team during the absence of the captain due to health issues. Also, he is grateful to PCR for their contribution in getting worthy opponents.

The pool team is hard at practice. Let’s hope they have a fruitful BOSM this year.


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