Table Tennis: Devanshi Kotak

BOSM is going to be bigger and better this year. The same applies to the Table Tennis girls matches. With the number of teams registering double that of last year, Devanshi Kotak, captain of the girls’ team is expecting a lot more competition this year.

She explains,” Even though the competition is going to be tougher this year, we have practiced a lot, and we are going to put our best foot forward and try to perform to the best of our capabilities.”

Muskaan Verma, one of the key players of the team, is injured this year, and will not be able to play this BOSM. But Devanshi seems hardly perturbed. “We have a lot of fresh talent this year”, she says,” We have Saima, a fresher who is a national level TT player, and Akanksha, who is also a very promising player.”

So who does she consider their biggest competition? Maharani College from Jaipur was their biggest competition last year, she says. However, with almost 5 hours of practice a day, she is confident that they will definitely provide them a run for their money this year.

Table tennis, like the fast and precise game it is, requires a lot of planning and strategizing. Devanshi says that each player has their own style of playing. So each one of them has their own strategy about how they want to play the game. After practice, the team has brainstorming sessions where they sit together, discuss and fine-tune these strategies.

The diligence and perseverance of the Girls Table Tennis team is apparent. Here’s hoping all their hard work comes to fruition.


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