Shubham Mehta, Powerlifting team

Shubham Mehta can be seen working with the grip visor, even while reading mails on his phone. With biceps over 15 inches and a chest measuring 44 inches, he has prepared himself for any challenge he might face in the powerlifting arena. Meet the captain of BITS Pilani Powerlifting team.

Shubham has a one goal this BOSM: to bag gold in every category of Powerlifting. “We have a team of 9 well trained power lifters. Each one has the potential of bringing a medal. 18 medals are at stake across 6 weight categories, we are hopeful of winning all 9 our team can possibly win. Plus, we want to be the crowned as the best team this BOSM.”

With people in his team touching 450kg mark across the categories of Bench-press, Dead lift and Squats summed up, he has a reason to boast.

A sneak peek into their training sessions and diet regimes, and these ambitions do not seem far-fetched. “We have been training really hard for the last one month, training from 5-7.30 in the gym every day. This is the first time the weight- training hall in the gym has been reserved for us and we have made significant improvement in our technique and performance.”

Elaborating upon how this has helped him train his team, he adds “We don’t have an official trainer. People learn on their own through the internet, especially YouTube. 90 percent of people do it wrong and with powerlifting it could have serious repercussions. So with the room available for free use, we have worked together as a team, fine-tuned our techniques and fostered a bonding within us. We constantly cheer each other and this has worked wonders for us. Every lifter now lifts at least 30 kilograms more than what he started with.”

In addition to these rigorous training sessions, the team follows a strict diet schedule. Breakfast includes 5-6 eggs with 2-3 glasses of milk (that is strictly no carbohydrate). An hour later, this is followed by some fruits. Lunch is rich in carbohydrates, as they provide explosive strength during training. Lots of lentils and chapattis during lunch. Pre-workout diet includes lots of egg white and bananas while post-workout diet includes milk and again, egg-white (that is strictly protein). Dinner includes chicken or any other non-vegetarian food item.

Such dedication and hard work surely deserves accolades. We wish them luck for their endeavor!


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