Music Club: Akshat Kothyari

Despite being extremely busy with placements and practice for the inaugural ceremony of BOSM, Akshat, the coordinator of Music Club, made some time to talk to us. He seemed very excited about the prospect of playing for a crowd that would consist of college students from all over north India, mostly from Delhi and Rajasthan.

The thing I like about Music Club is the way everyone works; the passion with which they play is second to none”, said Akshat with a smile. “Everyone at the club is very invested in giving the best they’ve got to pick up songs, and recreate the music that they’ve held dear for everyone in their vast audience to enjoy.”

When it came to the recent Music Nite, Akshat was very happy about the turnout, and said that it was one of the biggest audiences he’s ever played in front of.  “Everyone performed wonderfully; there were surprisingly few mistakes. Our new recruits also accompanied the veterans well, assisting on many of the songs they had played.” He also talked about the skills of Sentiwapang in great detail, saying this Psenti Nite was going to have some of the greatest finger-style guitar performances this campus would ever see.

The philosophy of the club is in the name, Akshat said. Their group is solely focused on their music, and they gain great enjoyment from it. Loud but muffled voices are heard in the background: the three songs they are playing for the BOSM Inauguration are also being heavily practiced.

Akshat narrated a funny incident that had occurred in his first year. The BOSM coordinator then had had some problems with the preparations, and somehow one song had been completely forgotten. The inauguration was planned for three songs, and the club had only two. Chortling, Akshat said, “So, when we realized at the last moment that we had to, in fact, play three songs, we improvised, and played one song we knew from the heart. It wasn’t even appropriate to the theme of the event, but everyone enjoyed the performance.” Hence, it has always been clear that the Music club works with a clear goal: never get the song list wrong.

Either way, even if they play the wrong song, Music club surely knows how to work around these obstacles, and put on a wonderful performance. We wish them the best of luck for BOSM 2015!


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