MAC: Avish Jain

Most people on the BITS Pilani campus must remember Spartan Dash, which, despite being in an inconspicuous corner of the Gym Grounds, gathered quite a few participants, and amused spectators who watched their friends stumble, roll and crawl across the various hurdles. And this BOSM, it`s going to be bigger and better, says Avish Jain, coordinator of the Mountaineering and Adventures Club, the one year old club responsible for arranging and conducting this event.

On enquiring about how the trail is set up, Avish described how the members of the club put in several hours of back-breaking work to fix up the walls, mounds, and what not in the trail. After manually clearing stones from the field and then leveling it, they dragged some 70-80 sacks of mud from the sand mound in the Gym-G and set up the hurdles.

As for the new obstacles that participants can look forward to, Avish says that there is going to be a swinging wooden bridge, a la Takeshi`s Castle. The participation cost has been increased from Rs. 50 to Rs. 60.However, the increase in the length of the track, and the introduction of new, more elaborate hurdles is going to more than make up for it and ensure the participants get value for their money.

With an expanded budget this year, Avish is looking to do a better job at marketing and publicizing the event. However, isn’t getting lazy engineering students to run and jump a little too much to expect? No, Avish says. On the contrary, they see quite a few adept athletes complete the trail with graceful ease. The shortest time taken by a participant to cover the 50 meter track last year was a mere 24 seconds.

So ladies, remove those earrings, and guys, pull out those EBay coupons, and participate in the adventure that is Spartan Dash.


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