Department of Photography

With each step, an inexplicable sense of foreboding crept slowly into our hearts. We were heading to the room of the coordinator of the Department of Photography, Rahul Krishnan. The rumor mills were abound with word of how first years who enter the room go incognito, emerging limping, solely to run the occasional errand or two. Women whispering “He is too cute to be straight”, adds a slight twist to the premise of the rumor though. Known by many as “The Sex God”, this man has spawned many a fan club (most of which are not gender exclusive) and a generation of addicts. Some claim “He sprays sex in the air”. As disgusting as that sounds, we are not here to judge.

Not a lot of people have not heard of this theic who claims to be a Liverpool fan. A deep sleeper, it takes a lot of courage and sheer willpower to persist with knocking on his door, all the time with no guarantee that he will wake up. 30 guttural grunts and half a million knocks later, emerged a pretty Mallu boy with an ample chin ass and an ultra tight vest meant to flaunt the biceps. Surprisingly demure. Anyway, we got down to the matter at hand, trying hard to ignore the subtle Mallu accent, perfected over the years as a bait for the chicas.

The Department of Photography clicks, prints and delivers snaps to students and out station participants and charges them  a nominal fee for the same, with soft copies being emailed later. That being the routine, we moved on to the interesting new additions. DoPy is all set to set up a photo exhibition during BOSM in Gym G. Named mysteriously as “The Dark Room”, it is a reference to the actual dark room where photographs are developed. Bedecked with snaps clicked solely by the members of the department, it is a new take on photo exhibitions. Do check it out, says Krishnan, all the time flashing a come-hither look. “Masochism Tango” playing in the background didn’t make the entire setting any less creepy. Anyway, also making a comeback is the photo booth, which has always been a runaway success, loaded with all sorts of wacky props and cool backdrops. Like last year, it will also be situated in Gym G. Plans are also on, to continue with the Moments of the Day project, which is a series of snaps featuring defining moments from every day of the fest.

With the new recruits having taken well to the work and the people, and the pre fest work nearing completion, Krishnan is expecting a good run. “BOSM ek achcha fest hai”, he manages in a broken Hindi, which hints at a couple of years of Kota education. Despite a dismal weather forecast, the department is sure of meeting the goals that they have set.

We at the English Press Club wish DoPy all the best with their new undertakings, and request you to go check out the exhibition and photo booth. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the “Sexy beast”. Peoples’ words, not ours.


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