BITS Hockey team, Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh, captain of the boys hockey team is quite confident of his team this year. He was pretty satisfied with the preparations of the hockey team. The fitness of the players is a benefactor complementing the team’s hard work. The eighteen member squad has 10 third yearites, 5 second yearites and one 5th yearite. There is no dearth of  experienced players in the side this year which has further boosted the expectations on this side. The captain feels that the third yearites are highly experienced with almost every player having the exposure of a minimum of two tournaments.  When asked about the presence of any first yearites in the team, he said that the juniors come for practice regularly and are treated as members of the team. He adds that the selection process is ” Dynamic” and every player who comes for practice will get to play subsequently. However, no first years have been added to this year’s line up.

Digvijay feels that hockey being a relatively less recognised sport cannot have extraordinary players right from the beginning.  Hence, they make sure that people having a zeal for hockey can learn the sport despite never having played it before. He added that he had learnt hockey after coming to BITS like many other players.  The captain was more than elated to state the fact that his side will be having the advantage of a home ground unlike the other teams. For  the first time, the college has made the hockey ground available for the team to practice.  Earlier, they had to go outside the campus and practice owing to which they never had the benefit of a home ground as they were just as unfamiliar with it as every other team.

With the likelihood of the team’s performance being increased tremendously this year, there are some teams which will continue to give them a tough fight. The SRCC hockey team, for instance has always managed to defeat the BITS hockey team except during the 2010 IIT- Delhi sports meet. The captain mentioned that their prime objective would be to break this jinx and provide a nail- biting contest for the spectators.

With spirits so high, one can expect to witness some exciting matches this season.



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