Basketball Team, Girls

With BOSM less than a week away, arduous practices and rigorous brainstorming sessions are the order of the day for the sports teams on campus. The fest is set to be bigger than before this year and the competition, stronger. While grabbing a midnight snack at the MB Food King, Nikita Bisht, captain of the girls basketball team, talks strategy, setbacks and the challenges the team faced during training for this BOSM.

According to Nikita, training this time centered around playing actual matches rather than the regular drills to ensure that the team functioned as a cohesive unit whilst on the court. The team has a strength of fourteen members including two seasoned fourth years whose wisdom and experience has proved to be a great asset to the team. The coach, a new addition this year, has focused on improving gameplay as well.

A major setback to the team came in form of the injuries that some of the team members suffered on as well as off court. Nikita herself met with a freak accident outside Meera Bhavan, which imposed a tangible limitation on the hours that could be devoted to practice. However, it did not serve as a deterrent to the spirit of the team. “Even the wounded players were always present on the court during practice so they could make up for the lost time when they made a comeback. Right now, we are focussing on getting our coordination back,” she says.

The significant opposition this year will be the teams from Delhi University and other colleges of repute when it comes to physical education. Nikita says that the matches will definitely be worth a watch as the teams that come down for BOSM are usually very proficient.

When asked about the challenges she faced as a captain, she admits that getting all the members of the team to the court on time for practice was not an easy task. Dealing with not being able to play for two weeks was another hurdle.” Luckily I had my batchmates helping out so it all worked out in the end.”

Apart from their own matches, she’s looking forward to the hockey games and the women’s football that will be conducted in Gym Grounds this year. She hopes that her team performs up to the mark this BOSM and all their hard work pays off. We wish her all the very best in this endeavour.


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