Volleyball, Boys

The Spartanesque training goes on in the background, as we approach the worthy Leonidas, the captain of the Volleyball team, Abhishek Bhattad. In the background, we see players perfecting their serves, curling and moving their fists towards the ball in a characteristic parabolic manner. Amidst all this, Bhattad says with a confident grin, “The preparation is top notch. We practice both in the morning, and in the evening, putting in nearly 5 hours a day. The training is very intense, and everyone’s putting their best foot (and fist) forward.”

Under the aegis of a new and extremely enthusiastic coach this year, the volleyball team is constantly learning new techniques and mastering the complexities of the game. Despite the competitive nature of the game, the captain remarks that there aren’t any professional rivalries between the teams. It’s all in the spirit of healthy sportsmanship.

He has his eye on this year’s gold. “It’s been almost 29 years since the boys volleyball team from BITS has won in BOSM. It will be a historic moment if we win the finals.” Last year, the gold went to Khalsa college. This time, Abhishek is determined to let no team stand between his team and the elusive prize.

The game plan is simple and elegant, he explains. “We observe the other teams while they play and exploit their mistakes to our advantage.” Their ever increasing repertoire of tactics and techniques, Bhattad says, will help them in their endeavours. The captain was of the firm opinion that this year’s team is much better than last year’s.

The team’s composition is bell shaped in nature. It peaks with the number of second and third years, and then drops off on either side. It consists of eight players, six of whom will be on the field at any point, including one libero (a player who is specialized in defensive skills).

The captain is determined to make history this time regardless of the fact that other teams are a force to be reckoned with. This year’s volleyball matches promise to be fun filled and nerve wrecking – definitely something to add to one’s roster this BOSM.


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