Taekwondo Team, Girls

With BOSM 2015 right around the corner, the excitement in the air is almost tangible. The sports grounds are teeming with athletes busy with last minute preparations. Offering an inside perspective of the athletic sphere of BITS Pilani, here is an interview of Aditi Bansal. As the captain of the girls’ Taekwondo team, she addresses questions regarding preparations, goals and expectations from this edition of the fest.


How have recruitments been for the Taekwondo team this year?

This year’s recruitments have seen an increase in girl participation.

Taekwondo, being a relatively unconventional sport, the recruits are generally always new to the sport. Do you see this as a setback or a does training from scratch give you an edge?

Of course, it decreases the participation, because people tend to join sports that they have already played. But for those who join this as a new sport, it is more beneficial to start afresh. According to me, sports do require skill but more importantly, the right attitude, which is better developed if you start from scratch.

What has been the training schedule for BOSM 2015? Are there any setbacks the team is facing or has had to overcome?

We practise for an hour in the morning where we mostly focus on body toning and strengthening. For two hours in the evening, we focus more on stamina building and techniques. No setbacks as such.

What differentiates the BITS Taekwondo team from the rest of the competitors?

Our inculcated spirit sets us apart from the rest. The attitude of the players as well as our coach is incredible. It is true sportsmanship. This is something, I feel, is lacking in the other participating teams that I have seen.

How did the BITS team fare last year during BOSM? What advice did you take away from BOSM 2014?

The team’s performance last year was brilliant. The take home advice was that practice is going in the direction. So it just made us more confident in our strategies.

Is there any specific game that you are looking forward to this year? Anything you have done to ensure this one particular victory?

A: For this year’s BOSM, most of the players are new. There is nothing in particular we are looking forward to. I just hope everybody gives their best.

Any particular player that we should keep our eyes peeled for?

All or none.

What would you want to change about BITS or BOSM for the benefit of your sport?

If we could get Taekwondo mats for the team, it would be a great addition for us. It will reduce the chances of injuries.




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