BOSM will surely make you sit on the edge of your seats, if you’re a sports fan. Even if you don’t have anything to do with sports, don’t worry, Radioaktiv’s there for you!

The Radioaktiv stall, located in Gym G, can be a fun packed place during BOSM. When we interviewed Krishna Kumar Joshi, the Radioaktiv coord, he enthusiastically elaborated upon this fact, and even went on to call themselves ‘The Face Of BOSM’.

When asked about what they do, he explained to us that Radioactive is the epitome of entertainment for the BITSian junta during BOSM, where everything other than sports takes a backseat. Radioaktiv essentially organises fun events, radio shows, and similar stuff. And yeah, they also distribute merchandise and gift vouchers from sponsors. Moreover, they have their website where they post their shows.

Radioaktiv is planning some new, more creative games this time, for their audience. Apart from working on making an interactive Radioaktiv website which will accept dedications for the song requests, the 35 creative minds there are also working on an idea of expanding and redesigning their BOSM stall, with better speakers and better stage among other things.

Krishna says the chaos resulting from the big crowd they witness everytime is one among the problems they face. He likes to call it a challenge, and as a solution, he wants to reduce the events that involve movement of the crowd. People with better ideas of handling crowds can contact him.

We at BEP wish Radioaktiv good luck and hope that the mob is not too unruly this year!


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