It’s not everyday that you meet someone whose hair makes him look like a tree. This particular variety of flora stayed confined to his room for the whole day, watching informational videos, leading to the venue of the interview being in the dark, shady corners of Shankar Bhawan. Avinash Rao sat on his chair, playing with his hair, as he narrated the game plan of Matrix this semester. The club is organising three events this BOSM, and are particularly enthusiastic about their new event, a simulation of the famous game show, Wheel of Fortune.

‘The idea is to get BITSians involved in this edition of the fest, and we are doing this by making the event pop-culture based. We have a software allowing us to customise the wheel, so the categories we’ll be using include movies, TV series and anime, and we hope to cater to what BITSians like. We recruited twelve first years this year and they’re going to be heavily involved in making the database for the event.’

The club, continuing their tradition, is also screening a couple of football matches this BOSM,
including the much-awaited Chelsea v. Arsenal match on the 19th. Apart from these events, the club is also organising a cricket quiz, trading the football quiz they generally conduct with the English Language Activities Society. There is a small concern in Avinash’s mind as to whether the cricket quiz or the Wheel of Fortune, both being new for Matrix, would witness a decent turnout. For a club like Matrix, another uncertainty is with respect to whether these events would attract outstation participants, who are generally involved with their respective sports matches throughout the fest.

However, Avinash is quite positive about people being allured to the concept of something less
physically demanding like a quiz or a word game in the middle of a sports fest, and is looking
forward to a successful BOSM for the club.


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