R Karthikeyan, was very busy in the IPC, but we managed to finally meet him, and get a conversation going. Preparations for BOSM were going just fine, he said.

Informalz, tautologically speaking, has little formality – but their main job, making enjoyable events for the general populace to enjoy amidst the various sports, isn’t a piece of cake. When asked about the procedure they followed while designing such events, Karthikeyan shakes his head – setting a procedure in stone is a strict no-no for his department – it limits creativity and restricts innovation.

Generally, the Informalz events are the brain-children of the first and second years. They center their themes around recent trends, previous years’ successful events, and pop culture. Their department’s philosophy is based on their work – which never feels like actual work to anyone in the department. What’s more important to them is the enjoyment they get from thinking up clues, themes and how they like to have fun as well as work at the same time. There’s no hierarchy in the department, Karthikeyan insisted. Every idea is treated solely on its merit, and not on the seniority of the person pitching it.

We asked him about the rain he was so afraid of. BOSM has never been very lucky with the rain, he said with a sigh. Their major event in a previous BOSM, Angry Birds, was so large that NDTV had arrived in Pilani to cover it. And, as luck would have it, the whole event was washed out due to the rain.

We also learned of the rain dance that Informalz fourth-year Soumya was planning. Anti-rain dance, rather, to keep the event killer out of the district for the duration of the fest. All their twelve first years would behave as makeshift ‘sacrifices’, in order to keep the rain away.

What about your first and second year, and the BOSMs then? We ventured. He mentioned a team from a certain northern part of the country that had come for BOSM, and how they had some problem with the rules of Quidditch. Somehow, the conflict got nasty, and Informalz has since learnt to stay away from teams from this region.

The department plans on holding a maximum of four events this BOSM, with Anti-Chess, Human Foosball (God knows how they’ll skewer three people, and turn them), and Snake (the ancient yet evergreen Nokia mobile game) being almost complete already.

They’re laying the final touches to their part in the fest, and hoping Soumya’s dance works, we wish them the best of luck for their events in BOSM.


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