Firewallz: Deekshith Jinna

BOSM, being one of the biggest sports fest of the country, bears witness to hordes of participants from India and abroad. With a footfall of several thousands over the four days, it is a mammoth task to keep track of the massive influx of participants and spectators.  We caught up with Deekshith Jinna, coordinator of Firewallz, to talk about the registration process as well as the security measures that will be taken to ensure the smooth running of things during the course of the fest.

The registration process is a collaboration between Firewallz, Rec’n’Acc and BOSM Controls. Firewallz will maintain two booths, one at the campus gate and one at Gym-G Grounds. A registration portal has been created by DVM to establish better communication and coordination between the three departments.  A database will be used to maintain details of the incoming participants and will be shared amongst the three replacing last year’s manual system.

Deekshith says that the department has taken appropriate steps toward student security as well: volunteers will be participating in night patrols of the various Bhavans to ensure minimal cases of substance abuse and will work to prevent any sort of disturbance among the inmates as well as between inmates and the outstation participants.

Firewallz is hard at work at streamlining the registration process and making sure that the fest goes on without a hitch. The first years have already finished building the panel that is displayed at the booth. Deekshith hopes that everyone has a fun and safe BOSM this year around.


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