Department of Visual Media

Taking time out of his busy schedule, flooded with the duties of the fest coordinator of DVM as well as the hassles that come with the arrival of placement season, Shubham had much to share with the BITSian populace.

“We as a department do not have any events of our own, but the work we do affects the entire fest. Basically, I am responsible for the teams working on the soon-to-be-released BOSM Android App and on the completed BOSM website and Registration software for the centralisation of the tasks of the departments of Controls, Firewallz and Rec n Acc. We have done a dry run of the software with the concerned departments, to ensure its perfect functioning throughout the fest.”

There are quite a few firsts from their side this BOSM. The BITSian teams are now being registered on the database, certificates will be printed and handled by a software for more efficient working, and the publicity has been beefed up. So far, three videos have been made for the fest and two more will be played during the Inauguration Ceremony. The aim, this time, has been to automate all processes as much as possible, in order to save time and make everything run smoother.

“To do all this, the Department has been working day and night, starting right from the summer vacations. The main website and the software has been greatly appreciated, and some believe this to be the best BOSM website till date.”

“There were quite a few challenges along the way, but DVM loves challenges. We have been able to finish everything in time.”

Shubham believes that DVM, as a department is happy with the contribution it makes to the fest, and is not particularly interested in being a part of the CoSSAc body.

He had much to learn from this entire process. “It helped me learn that things don’t always turn out to be the way you expect them to, but you have to be prepared. Teamwork is most important. As the coordinator, you have to ensure things move in the right direction”.

The placement season has been a bit of a discomfort for him but he has been able to manage as of now. “You can say, ho pa raha hai“.

“Finally, to all BITSians. BOSM is your fest. Show interest in it. There are many more things to do, than watch basketball and visit the stalls. There is so much to experience. So, stay here this BOSM, invite your sports-loving friends to come and participate, and make the event bigger and more successful than ever.”


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