Department of Live Events

This BOSM, the F-16s nosedive into BITS Pilani and will burn the ground with their landing!

A shout out to the man who made this possible, the DLE BOSM coordinator, Ayush Kataria.

With war-like preparations for BOSM on, this man wants to leave no stone unturned, to make this BOSM the biggest ever! Already credited with bringing in the first ever prof-show this BOSM, he has his fingers crossed, prepared to work until everything ends up just as planned.

Amid the sea of emails and a flurry of phone calls, atop millions of tabs on his chrome browser, he has been keeping very busy (In fact, so busy that he hasn’t even changed his Facebook profile picture in two years!). “That’s the first thing I’ll do, once this gets over!” comes the sweet repartee.

When inquired a little about the ongoing preparations, he responds very confidently and seems pretty happy with the status quo, giving an insight into the world behind-the-scene, “Everything is on track and running smoothly. The first round of mess signings generated a decent number, surpassing the budget. We are going to have another round, along with department signings. We will also launch an online portal soon, and go door-to-door if need be! As much as we want it to be monetarily successful, it should be enjoyable as well. We hope for a full-house!”

However, getting this done was no mean feat. A lot of work from the entire department has gone in to make this happen. “We started working on this even before the comprehensive examinations last semester. We wanted a different kind of experience for the BITSian Junta this time, agreeing with the budget. We screened bands from Delhi, moved to Bangalore, finally zeroing-in on the F-16s. BITSians want peppy music. We want a stellar performance! The F-16s will deliver it for us!”

Citing support from the administrative machinery, he was all praises for the CoSSac and the sport secretaries, without whose support and trust, he claims, this would not have been possible.

With F-16s hogging the limelight, DLE’s repertoire has a lot more to offer.

Artists from Delhi are coming to perform the Kalaripayattu, an indigenous martial arts form from Kerala, during the inauguration ceremony. Ayush swears by their authenticity, believes they will enchant the crowd and set benchmarks for the events to follow.

Next on the list is Ignition, a LAN based gaming event, happening for the first time since 2010. With CS, DOTA 2, BLUR and FIFA on a 32 inch LCD with PS3 consoles, be sure to attend this one!

That’s all? Isn’t it? Nope. A newsletter without Street Football and Box Cricket would be an insult to BOSM’s legacy. These legends will greet you in the Gym Grounds, every day, as always.

With a plethora of events, and an uber-excited team of first years, who are keeping the social media abuzz with their posts, DLE will make BOSM larger than ever.

We wish them all the best!


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