Creative Activities Club

‘CRAC’ing New Ideas

With BOSM approaching, all clubs and departments are undoubtedly intensifying their preparations, none more so than the members of the Creative Activities Club, known by the street moniker of CRAC.  “We are determined to make this BOSM a memorable one”, said Dhairya, the CRAC Cord.  When asked about the preparations, he replied confidently, “BOSM is going to be a bigger fest than before.  Our effort has been to make to more festive.” Expanding the fest outside its usual confines of Gym G and SAC, things will be different this time around.

“It should really look like there’s a fest going on, on campus.  From that point of view, the preparations are really great”, he said with a smile.  “We are trying to glamorize the fest as much as we can, and it’s going pretty good.  One look at the BOSM page will say that.  The fest culture is actually being implemented in BOSM. Although OASIS and APPOGEE are generally considered bigger fests than BOSM, this time, we are trying to make it so that everyone on campus can relate to it and not just the sportsmen.”

In an attempt to spread the spirit of the fest throughout the campus, several plans by CRAC are in motion. “We are trying to connect the active places like Gym G and SAC and make it look like every part of the campus is active during BOSM.  We are also planning to work on LED art for the clock tower, with a glow-in-the-dark logo. This is something new that we are trying to pull off this time.  We also have a lot of ideas for campus decoration, so that people can relate to it.”

Like the previous year, the CRAC team plans to go ahead with ‘Cracodile’.  “Cracodile is an event consisting of assorted 10-12 games, with people participating in teams of two. Qualifiers from the initial rounds will play in the final. This is a two day event which takes place in SAC QT.  It will be held from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm on 21st and 22nd September.”

So far, the road has been pretty smooth for our Creative guys. On the topic of problems faced, Dhairya bluntly said that there were none whatsoever.  “The CoSSAc has been very enthusiastic this time. Being the creative part, we tend to have problems because they handle the logistics.  But this time, they’ve been very supportive about it.  They have told us to do whatever we can to make the fest memorable in every which way.”

Each member of the Creative Activities Club is contributing in some way.  The first years have been extremely enthusiastic and the second years have maintained their interest.  They’ve kept the fire burning.  “It’s very nice to see them taking the initiative and coming out with ideas.  Everyone, first years included, is involved in the brainstorming sessions.  It feels great to have a team like that.”

On a final note, Dhairya said, “BOSM is definitely going to be better than before.  Everyone’s been trying to make it bigger and better.  It will definitely be an unforgettable experience.”


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