Chess, Boys

“There are three chess-related events in BOSM – classic, blitz and puzzle solving,” Satchit Varma started firing away. Sure enough, he plays blitz chess.

“Our team has 16 members, three of which are fresh faces. The whole team is actively involved and we play for three or fours everyday, without overdoing it.”

He highlighted the fact that they have a strong team this year, and their regular practice has made them feel confident enough to sincerely hope for a gold, regardless of the fact that they had managed only a bronze last time. Satchit also hopes to defeat the team from Kotelawala Defence University, a Sri Lankan rival. KDU has been performing consistently well for the past two years, but Satchit believes that this year’s team has it in them to go for the jugular to win this time around.

Satchit also spoke about Jude Antony Paul. Jude is the highest FIDE-rated member of the team, his talent making him one of the players to watch out for this tournament. From here, the conversation drifted to the topic of the best player award. Although this award is, in general, given to the player who has scored the maximum number of points, Satchit believes that that isn’t right, as all players don’t play against every other and the difficulty level each player faces might not be the same. Hence, he hopes for better judgement criteria in deciding the recipient of this award.

Satchit believes that his team is in with a shout this year, and is excited for the 30th edition of the fest. He ended by appealing to the BITSian public to come out of their rooms and enjoy BOSM, to watch some great sport and sportsmanship.

We wish the team the best of luck!


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