Shashikant Jangir, the Basketball boys team captain, is a busy man. “Make it quick!,” he says, as we find a secluded corner in ANC. After numerous delays, he has finally given BEP an appointment.

Previous editions of BOSM have indicated that Basketball attracts people in droves and is the most spectator-friendly sport . Shashikant acknowledges this, and reassures us that preparations for BOSM are in full swing. Except for a few injured players, who are expected to recover fast, everybody is in great form. Some strategies have been rethought and are completely new this time. Shashikant feels pretty confident about his boys, and is sure they’ll do well this time.

Shashikant mentions Chaitanya, dubbed as the backbone of the team, as a player to watch out for. The team this year has got more fresh faces, but there is a unique blend of talent and experience that makes a force to reckon with.

Shashikant urges the BITSian public to show up in large numbers, and to support their home team. The thrill of playing in front of a home crowd is something he and his team are looking forward to. “It clearly gives us an edge over the other team.”, he says.

He also expresses his concern over unexpected injuries on field. “Injuries can happen to anyone, and that’s the reason we have extra players. But it’s about the confidence of the entire team. The injury of one good player can spoil the entire morale of the team.”

Shashikant ends the interview by acknowledging that luck also has some say in a sport like basketball.

Here’s wishing the basketball team great luck on field!


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