Badminton: Priyanshu Bajpai

With the recruitment of three players last semester, and one more first-year this semester, the badminton team looks all set for BOSM this year, thanks to their rigorous practice and the star players in the lineup. We caught up with Priyanshu Bajpai, the captain, during one such practice session.

This time last year, it will be fair to say that the team was heavily underprepared. “There was no badminton court for practice the last time around; we had to go to C’not to practice on the cemented court there. This contributed to lack of form”, said Priyanshu. This time, though, he said that the team has been practicing in the badminton arena in SAC – inaugurated last year – and they are satisfied with their efforts.  “The practice sessions have been focusing well on both skill and fitness this time, with agility and fitness drills in the morning, and skill training in the evening. Fortunately, there have been no setbacks, fitness-related or otherwise. I think the team is pretty well rounded physically”, said Priyanshu with a smile.

“The event this time around will have matches with the standard best-of-five rather than best-of-three. When we went to outstation tournaments last year, we played better in this format; hopefully it will be advantageous for us”, reflected the captain. When asked about rivals, he replied that they didn’t think of anyone in particular. “We don’t play with such a mindset; we just hope to give our best every single time.”

The star attraction in the team this time, according to the captain, is the former captain Nimit Kothari, nicknamed Dronacharya. “Last year, we went to IIT Roorkee for a tournament and Nimit was given the nickname Dronacharya there. I told everyone that I was his student and hence I was nicknamed Eklavya”, said Priyanshu, with a twinkle in his eye.

“Everyone has gotten better since the beginning of the practice sessions; the effort put in daily is beginning to show, as most of us have gained great form”, said Priyanshu. With BOSM just days away, we hope that the badminton team hits peak performance levels just in time.



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