Athletics Team Captain- Akanksha Soni

With participants practicing with full gusto and preparations well underway, BOSM is indeed right around the corner. Amidst this mayhem and hectic schedules, we catch up with the captain of the girls’ athletics team, Akanksha Soni, to talk about the progress of the team, its training and how the team is expected to fare this BOSM.

When you talk of the athletics team last year, Akanksha says that there were only three people in the relay team. However, this year’s batch has shown a great level of enthusiasm and the squad now has a total of eleven members, all of whom have shown tremendous improvement throughout their training period. Although their training schedule – comprised of morning and evening practices – is similar to last year’s, this year has been markedly different due to the presence of a coach whom the team decided to call in. “He has helped us go a long way by refining our techniques in various events and also maintaining a sense of discipline in the team. We have a 15-day training camp before BOSM and inspite of his schedule being more than a little hectic for the team, we’re definitely in a much better place now as compared to last BOSM. I think this enforced regularity, different from our practices last year, will be a major factor in determining the performance of our team this time around.”

With only 3 people to be distributed amongst the 13 events in athletics last year, this year’s team of 11 is decidedly headed for a much better fate. The players have been allotted their individual events fifteen days in advance, so that they can strengthen their skills in those areas.

One of the major difficulties faced by the team was due to the lack of a proper athletics track on campus. The team had to walk all the way to Birla High School, while carrying their equipment for every practice session. Additionally, the track at BHS also is quite uneven as it hasn’t been properly levelled. Not only does this hamper their training, but also discourages participation among BITSians as they don’t see anything happening on campus, unlike other sports.

In the face of all these obstacles, Akanksha thinks the athletics team has been very sincere and diligent throughout their training and she expects that they will fare much better this year.

Here’s wishing them the very best for BOSM 2015.


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