Swimming Team, Girls


With BOSM 2015 looming large on the horizon, the athletically inclined BITSians find themselves perpetually kept on their toes. In particular, the captains leading the various teams are probably feeling the pressure of leadership, responsibility and expectations. Here is an interview with Taniya who leads the BITS girls’ swimming team for BOSM 2015, where she elucidates concerns regarding preparations, setbacks and goals.

Q: How well has the BITS swimming team fared in the recruitment this year?

A: The recruitment this year have been a little low-key, due to the shutdown of the campus pool. So, we only have a few new faces.

Q: The shutdown of the BITS pool must have been a huge setback to your team. What ways has the team found to curb this problem? Any other issues that the team faces?

A: Of course, the shutdown has had a huge impact on the team. We now have to go out of campus for the practice sessions to use the pool at PPS (Pilani Public School). So we really don’t have that much time to work with anymore.

Q: Could you give us an overview of the training schedule for BOSM 2015?

A: The swimming team has a practice session every evening. We start off with a warm-up session with eight rounds of running and a few stretches.

Q: What would you say are the guidelines you picked from your experience at last year’s BOSM?

A: The BITS pool had already been shut during preparations for last year’s BOSM. So, although it caused a lot of inconvenience at that point, we’ve learnt to maximize our efficiency within our resources.

Q: Is there any particular face-off you have been working towards this year?

A: No, not really. No specific team comes to mind.

Q: Any players we should keep an eye out for?

A: Oh yes! We do have quite a few good swimmers. There is Puranjay, a breaststroker and Sneha and several others.

Q: What changes to BITS or BOSM, do you think would benefit your sport?

A: Probably, a stronger spirit of sportsmanship in the students. A deeper commitment to their sport alongside academics would certainly help. Or even an academic schedule which allows a lot more time for sports, at least for fest preparation.

Despite the difficulties they are facing, they have been practising continuously for around a month. We are confident that BITS will perform well again this time around. And hope that the pool reopens soon! 


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