Kapil Tahilyani, Football

Kapil Tahilyani, the captain of the BOSM football team at BITS Pilani, and a member of the Dance Club, smiles as he talks about his team and their preparation for BOSM. They have been practising for five hours a day, a number double the one they had started out with at the beginning of the semester. Two and a half hours in the morning, followed by two and a half hours every evening to get the team in the best possible shape for BOSM. They have got a new coach a mere two weeks ago, and Kapil says that the coach is really good and is contributing to the confidence of the team.

His expression goes dark as he admits to injuries to key players due to the quality of the ground that they are practising in. He also laments the lack of a proper football field inside the campus, and says the football field has much to contribute to a player’s game and his risk of getting injured. Moreover, quite a few players have just returned from practice school, so they haven’t had much practice during the summer. Kapil believes that the players were fitter before their practice school, and believes that this coupled with the football field is responsible for the injury list. However, he claims that none of the injuries are severe, and he hopes to have a fit squad by match day.

Kapil believes that the team has a very good attack, but they need to work on their defence. The coach is helping out with the in game strategies as well, favouring a 4-2-3-1 formation at the moment, but Kapil points out that the formation is still in flux. The starting XI is also not finalized due to the injuries and what the players are able to come up with in the week leading to BOSM.

Kapil is hopeful of his chances this BOSM. He points out that many good teams have registered, but the confidence of the team, which has been boosted by the coach, would play a key role in determining the outcome of the matches. He hopes to pull off a win, and says that he is confident of getting into the semis, though the team might have to fight after that.

The matches will be held in BPS, the Birla Public School as the BITS ground is not ready for BOSM. The fear of injuries and dissatisfied competition has forced a change of venue to an off campus location. However, there is a bus facility, so the people who want to watch the matches and support their team can go do just that. Kapil believes that the change in venue will not hamper the support, and will not take away their home advantage. He believes that BITSians will be there to watch the matches and support their team through thick and thin. Let’s prove him right.


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