Junoon 2015

All the efforts of the scorching heat were rendered useless  owing  to the spirit of the athletes in the Junoon Athletics event which was organised last Sunday. The most interesting thing  about these athletes  is their zeal to conquer all the obstacles with a wide smile across their face.

NSS  organises Junoon, a sports fest,  with the help of several NGOs to provide a platform for the specially-abled people to take part in various sporting events. This fest lasts for two days with various NGOs  taking care of the differently-abled , bringing these sportsmen to BITS Pilani. The athletics event was organised last Sunday in the Medical Center grounds with athletes from 8 NGOs participating in events like the 100m race, Bocce, Shot-put and other track and field events. The event kicked off with the 100m sprint, followed by the rest of the sports. The NSS volunteers were the coordinators of the event and took care of all the arrangements like tents and refreshment stalls. They did an excellent job raising the spirits of the participants and made sure that no one was a victim of sunstroke or exhaustion, given the high temperatures. The crowd, especially the differently abled children were overjoyed watching their friends on the ground. Every player, irrespective of age, left a long lasting impression in the hearts of many people. There were many participants who  took part in Junoon earlier and at various other levels. Every NGO had their coach to guide their players and cheer them up. There were participants from Delhi, Jaipur, Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu and Pilani . There were signs of distress among people at times owing to the extremely hot weather. However, a wonderful spark in the eyes of the athletes showing their enthusiasm dominated the scenario.

The event was organised well despite of the little resources the NSS had like the uneven tracks for races. There was an inexplicable feeling of joy coupled with inspiration on everyone’s faces at the time the event came to a conclusion.


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