Department of Sponsorship and Marketing, BOSM

The mental picture of Scrooge McDuck diving in and out of a pile of money is quickly dispelled as we meet up with Vishesh Sharma, the calm, and assured CoSSAcn of the Department of Sponsorship and Marketing, BOSM, as he takes a quick break from a meeting, in front of the Chief Warden’s office.

“The seclusion of Pilani is a double edged sword, when it comes to convincing sponsors. The fact that it is so far away from the city ensures more exclusivity and more visibility for the brands that come on board.”, says Vishesh, bearing a confident grin.

While selling the idea of the fest to sponsors is something that Vishesh and his team are confident of performing, the focus this time around is to sell the fest to the diverse BITSian junta and the participants – he wants everyone to take atleast one part of the fest they liked and cherish it forever – be it the sporting events, food stalls, gaming events or merely the general increase of activity on campus. He aims to facilitate as much of this as possible.

“The small things matter a lot when it comes to having a memorable experience for everyone in a fest like BOSM”, he mentions. “The F16s show and the gaming event Ignition will ensure more non-sport participation, Snickers, and Gatorade, our official hunger and sports drink partners, respectively, will satiate the basic elements of Maslow’s hierarchy- hunger and drink. Gift vouchers will be presented by our official voucher partner – Sports365.”

“A lot of attention has also this year into the publicity for the fest. From articles about the fest in DU Beat to our very own advertisement on 9XM, our official music channel partner, our association with radio partner , 104 Fever Fm, and print media partner, The Week, we’ve left no stone unturned in giving the fest the representation it deserves.”

With other big names like, technology partner Hewlett Packard, music partner SongDew, social partner Teach For India, title sponsor Hungama, merchandise partner Tusker Tees and gaming partner Antec, this year’s BOSM looks set to satiate each inch of the BITSian and outstation palette.

A last word to our readers?

“Food stalls. You don’t want to miss the food stalls this time”, he smiles.





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