Varsha Vivek- Captain, Badminton(Girls)

As we enter, she quickly disconnects a Skype call to Gurgaon and turns around blushing rather sheepishly. Varsha Vivek, the captain of the girls Badminton team, was unaware of its existence, till the end of her 1-1. Following a lot of coercion from her friends and a flamboyant (for the lack of a better word) male badminton player, whom she rather lovingly calls the ‘Kobra’, she landed at the trials in her 1-2. An AR Rahman fan, she was the CBSE board topper in 2013. An entire cache of newspaper articles (which features her 100 watt smile) paint a rather confusing picture of her. Supposedly she wanted to major in physics at Anna University, “cuz Anna is where her kewl illad homies be”. But she also wanted to do Computer Science because “CS be dope, y’all”. God knows how this freak of nature ended up in the EEE department. Talk about being absent minded, she did not know where all the Bhawans were located till the end of her 2-2 (RP being the sole exception). Her ability to forget to reply and then regret it when she snaps out of her reverie (which often features a duet song and a wiry headed bong) is simply stunning. A frequenter of the Temple, and more importantly, the Temple lawns *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*, she is a member of DoPy and a volunteer at Nirmaan. Allegations of human trafficking surface against her from time to time and vanish as mysteriously as the allegers. Varsha has been described by many as ‘Satan personified in black’. A pro bono worker for Evil, she is suspected of inciting violence, implanting ideas (inception style), corrupting people and practicing sorcery, water boarding and voodoo. Let’s just leave it there.

Talking about how the team has been practicing for BOSM, Varsha says that we can certainly expect a good performance from the team given the extra amount of effort that has gone into preparations. Having a good coach has definitely helped them perfect their techniques. The two teams comprise of four members each. BITS Hyderabad, who won the gold medal last year, is definitely one team to look out for, with one particular player being perceived as a major threat.  The loss in semi-finals last BOSM is in the past; it’s a new team and a new start, is what she had to say. “It has been a year since the court has been renovated, but there is definitely a difference, and it’s amazing”, she says.

Here’s hoping Varsha and her team get the boost, some energising power naps and refreshing yoga before they get set to play on the court and bring accolades to the college.

For further details on the power nap and yoga references above, please follow these links –


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