Sharthak Mishra – Photog

Photography Club

Coordinator : Sharthak Mishra


Despite having come down with the flu, Sharthak agreed to meet in his room. It was full of beautiful stills printed on glossy paper. “When did you start clicking?”, we asked. He smiled, and said that he picked up a camera in class 8. He has been a photography addict since then.

As far as for the club as a whole, prep for BOSM was going swimmingly well. They had also incorporated a publicity campaign for the sports fest, which, sadly, isn’t very well received amongst a part of the BITSian population.

They had taken creative, sports-themed pictures, he said, and had planned to place them in the SAC and the LTC, and later in the workshop, to inform more first years and some straggling second years about the fest. A creative countdown was also begun, titled ‘X days to BOSM’.

Their main work was done, he added, and only the gearing up of the first-years for the workload during BOSM was their agenda. They have 19 first years and 5 ME students joining the club this semester.

The events held by the club are generally online, said Sharthak. This time, there are two. Captureact, where one takes shots of the emotions during BOSM, of the players themselves, the spectators, or maybe even of the general crowd enjoying on the gym grounds.

The next one is Sportsware, where one would have to submit photographs of sports equipment in a unique way. The major criteria that the picture would be judged on is composition, lighting, and uniqueness. Also, the best photos taken by their own club would be put onto the notice board outside SAC.

Sharthak recalled an interesting incident from his second year. They had just started their round changing the photos on the notice boards, and they saw someone stealing the pinned up photographs. He mentioned that this happened every year, and this guy was simply very unlucky to have gotten caught.

So they approached him, and asked him what he was doing. The guy, clearly an outsider, because of his SRCC jersey, said he was a member of the Photography club, and that it was his job to do so. One can only imagine what happened to him after that… 

Photog is probably the only club which doesn’t mind the fabled BOSM showers. In fact, they look forward to them every year. They get much better photos in the rain, Sharthak said, a little guiltily. He also said that one of the benefits of being in Photog, apart from the cameras, was the dozens of friend requests from DU women clamoring for their special pics.


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