NSS, BITS Pilani


“They have a world of their own- a world more beautiful than ours, a carefree world full of happiness and innocent dreams!” reflects Vidya Sagar, a reminiscence of his long association with the specially abled children. “I was perturbed and very sorry when I first met them. But over time I have become more calm and comfortable with them. Their innocent smiles are pure joy.  They have dreams. They have wishes. They have ideas. ”

Vidya Sagar is the coordinator of NSS for this BOSM. With the college gone into frenzy mode preparing for BOSM, Vidya Sagar and his team gear up to organize “JUNOON ’15 “ – a pre-BOSM sports meet for the specially abled children. These children, he feels, deserve special care for they are endowed with unique talents.

Junoon’15, already in its fourth edition, is a two day event being organized on 13-14 September. 9 NGOs from Delhi, Jaipur, Sikar and Pilani, along with 140 children will be here to participate. An army of 150+ volunteers from NSS and various other clubs and departments will assist Vidya Sagar to make Junoon’15 bigger than its predecessors.

The entire schedule is jam packed with a plethora of events – sports, cultural and arts, spanning over two days.

The chief guest for the event is Arjuna Award winner, Mr. Amit Saroha, who has represented India at the Summer Paralympics, UK, 2012. He would be addressing the audience on 12th September in  NAB Audi, on the role of technology to improve the lives of these people.

A variety of sports and their improvised versions will be on display- cricket, basketball, badminton, athletics, shot put, volleyball, bocce etc. “We want them to feel cared for and like one of us. It works wonders for their self-esteem and builds confidence in them.”

Apart from sports, a variety of cultural events have been planned. The evening of 13th would be adorned by Junoon Night, where students from various clubs would entertain the crowd. An art workshop will also be organized by volunteers from CraC wherein children would learn sketching and spray painting. Recreational events such as Hoopla and Can-knockdown are also on the menu.

Junoon is an opportunity to look beyond the imperfections of people and grab the opportunity to connect with the enormous positivity inside each of them – the power to smile in the face of adversity.


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