Govinda, The Joint Sports Secretary

“We are the bridge between the various sports secretaries, captains and the Institute”, says Govinda, the Joint sports secretary. We talked to him after his daily meeting in SAC from 9 to 12PM, in which they discuss the problems being faced by them and the various teams and try to iron out any kinks present and also try to improve BOSM as a whole. Their work doesn’t start and end with BOSM, the council stays on till the semester end; organising sports events and encouraging more BITSians to participate and make the events successful. They plan to do more this time. In addition to the marathon and cycling events conducted already to promote awareness in these fields, they also plan to hold a trekking event for those who have an interest. They also plan to conduct camps for sports other than tennis and hockey over the course of two semesters, as they feel there is a demand for more such activities. They want to make sure that a general BITSian doesn’t feel out of place in BOSM, and have created more general events too; the F16s concert, Ignition, a gaming event with DotA2, CS, FIFA etc, a talk by Premlata Agrawal, the first Indian woman to scale the seven continental peaks, who will be the guest of honour in the inauguration ceremony, a kabbadi event, and an obstacle course have been decided for now.

 He says that more teams are able to practise for longer times, but some like the football and hockey teams’ practices are a bit disrupted as the fields are still under renovation. The football events will happen outside campus, in Birla Public School, due to this reason. Swimming is also being practised outside as the swimming pool has not been renovated yet and probably won’t be until the end of this year, according to Project Parivarthan, so hold on to your cap and goggles for a bit longer.

 They will try to distribute work to the hostel sports secretaries too, and hope that they reciprocate. They usually have to conduct the intra-hostel sports activities like volleyball or table tennis tournaments, and this time the council plans to make them more organized. They aspire to conduct a type of event which, over the course of one week or 10 days, will get completed in all the hostels, to maintain uniformity. i-BOSM will be conducted next semester, but they will definitely pass on their suggestions to the next sports council. He urges BITSians to come participate in the events, and also to support and cheer the BITSian teams as they play!


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