Department of Publications and Correspondence

As we sit with this year’s coordinator for the Department of Publications and Correspondence, to discuss and gain some insight into the upcoming sports fest BOSM, Vinit Bhat paints a clear picture for us. Amid speculations and concerns regarding outstation participation in light of the intra-DU sports fest clashing with BOSM, we were assured that team participation will not take a hit. This is because teams from the South have risen to the occasion, on account of both, timely publicity on the BOSM Facebook page and persistent contact by PCr. We’ll be seeing bigger contingents from various colleges this time, which will be the major contributing factor for increased participation.

While sports like boys’ basketball and football claim large shares in the participation pool, and with allowance only for accommodation of a limited number of participants, Vinit was under a lot of pressure to allocate fair numbers to each sport so as to maintain balance and to do justice to everyone. All those optimisation problems, it seems, were resolved.

The fest has already seen around two thousand registrations so far, with a very slight possibility of last minute cancellations. To minimise wastage of time and the occurrence of bottlenecks, the CoSSAc has been working closely with DVM since last semester to develop a software for quick registration. Also, there are talks of pre-scheduling of events to some extent, again, to prevent botch-ups. Hockey, unlike last year, will be played on campus. The Sri Lankan team may fail to make an appearance; however, the BITS Dubai contingent will help us keep the badge we hold on to so dearly- an international sports fest.

As for rain, Vinit is of the opinion that something that can’t be avoided should be dealt with in such a way that we are prepared for all outcomes. While Accuweather predictions are being watched closely, there’s no way to predict how that is going to pan out. In the event of rain, adequate arrangements will be made to minimise the damage.

As for engaging the BITSian interest in this fest, Vinit talks about the Prof show- the F16s live in concert, where they’ll virtually release their latest album here on campus. The inauguration will see the likes of Prabhjot Singh, Joy Bhattacharya, Premlata Agarwal, and many other eminent sportspersons. The performances will also be a mellower, entertaining alternative for last year’s explosive Gutka affair. The Mountaineering and Adventure Club has also been allotted an elaborate budget, and they’re expected to put up some fun activities for the non-competitively athletic BITSian. Quidditch, zorbing and street football will be there this year as well, with emphasis being placed on improvement of quality and not just introduction of new events.

On a lighter note, we asked Vinit what he thought of his batch of first years this time. According to him, they get ‘cooler’ over the years, which may be because he is himself growing ‘older’. He sees them as a group of capable people who will work well. He’s so busy at present, with placements and CoSSAc’n responsibilities, that he harbours hostile emotions for second years that come around cribbing about hectic schedules and time management issues. With that, we wish him all the best for the fest and for his packed semester ahead.


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