Rec. & Acc.

No intimidating conversation style, no swarms of exhausted yet excited juniors making battle formations around him and no rush, Basudev Choudhary seems to be having a lot of fun in his role as fest Coordinator, Department of Reception and Accommodation. That’s Rec. & Acc. to you.

He started with the work his department does in general. “We have been busy booking rooms and guest houses for visitors and guests either outside in the village or in Vfast and the Alumni Guest House. Similarly, accommodation has been arranged for the F16 and Chief Guests too by our department. We have also arranged for a 24 hour emergency vehicle for medical emergencies during the entirety of the fest.”

There also seems to be a plan for the infamous BOSM showers, should they, or rather, when they choose to grace us with their presence. Waterproof tents and covers are being setup this time around, the idea being to save as much real estate from getting wet as possible.

“The new thing we’re doing this time around is bus services from Delhi and Jaipur to Pilani, in addition to the existing one from Loharu. Whether or not it will be used much, we’re not sure.”

He also provided us with a general idea of life as a CoSSAcan. “Firstly, I have to coordinate the activities of my department. Secondly, I have to get the permissions from people for fest-related matters. We also coordinate with all the clubs and departments regarding the events and tasks they are handling. Thirdly, we have to come up with new attractions for the fest, like the F16s coming to BITS for the first time. Financial and administrative matters of the fest as a whole are also under a purview. Lastly, we have been in talks with the Department of Live Events about bringing in adventure sports into the fest this time around.”

When asked about any possible challenges and hiccoughs they have faced during the preparatory period, he says, “Not really. I’m really happy with how preparations for the fest is going on. We have sufficient manpower, and the juniors are handling responsibility quite well.”

Basudev believes that this whole task given to him is not much different from one big work project, and the people management and network building he learns here will definitely be of help in the future.

“The best advice I can give is not look to go home this BOSM. Try to attend as many matched as possible, and please enjoy the fest”, he says, as he walks back in the same composed manner he had arrived in.


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