Interview with the Sports Secretary

BOSM, in its thirtieth year, is busily being shaped into as far-reaching a fest as is possible, with all sorts of new events lined up. This ambitious project has been keeping the CoSSAC on its toes for quite a while now, as Shambhavi Mehrotra, Sports Secretary, explains in the Institute Canteen on a hot afternoon.


BOSM 2015 will feature, for the first time in the history of the tournament, a professional show and an inspirational talk, among other attractions – it’s safe to say that the average BITSian is much more likely to feel a connect with the fest this year than ever before.


The inauguration ceremony, on the 18th September, will be graced by the presence of Mrs. Premlata Agarwal. Mrs. Agarwal became the oldest Indian women to climb Mount Everest in 2011. A Padma Shri recipient, she also became the first Indian woman to scale the Seven Summits in 2013. In addition to being the Guest of Honour, she will also give a talk on the 19th about her experiences. The inauguration features some interesting acts, assures Shambhavi, but everyone will just have to wait until the 18th to find out what these are.


Chennai-based electro-indie band The F16s will perform live in concert on the night of the 19th, with this event becoming the first “prof-show” in BOSM history. Thanks to the band’s exponentially increasing popularity here on campus, BITSians have been racing to buy tickets in the mess signings.


The CoSSAC’s major priorities were – to organize as many exciting events as possible, better management, easier transport and a larger audience. This includes hockey games being held in a renovated GymG and cricket matches being held in the MedC grounds (where a cricket pitch is being prepared by the Institute). The Institute has been putting in a lot of money and effort into maintaining both grounds (expecially by watering the grass and evening out the grounds). While most were hoping for football to be held on campus, the weak soil in GymG makes it unfit for football, because of which football, in addition to swimming and athletics, will continue to be held off-campus.


‘GymG will be the most happening place on campus this time around. The previously unoccupied area will be filled and, on the whole, a large part of the fest will happen here’, Shambhavi said.


Pool will join the long list of sports already included in BOSM and there are talks of a girls’ category being introduced in football. In an effort to increase BITSian population, LAN gaming in SAC is also on the list this year.


The question that every CoSSACn came prepared for, however, was simple. What happens when it rains? Besides AccuWeather being bookmarked on all their computers, there are a lot of other measures being taken.

‘SAC is covered, and the basketball and tennis courts have proper drainage systems, so these shouldn’t be a problem. The issues we’ll be facing are with cricket, volleyball and hockey. We’re trying to procure covers for the volleyball courts to ensure minimal damage, but this strategy is infeasible for hockey. The schedules are being made separately for both possibilities and will be constantly updated. To ensure smoother functioning and transparency this time, schedules for the whole fest should, hopefully, be ready on Day 1.’


Talking about her involvement, Shambhavi says that her shift never ends because all clubs and departments work on their individual schedules and she is responsible for overall coordination. Shambhavi believes that all the effort put in by the CoSSAC, departments, clubs and sports teams will certainly pay off in making this BOSM one to remember.


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