BOSM Controls

Neil Dave, CoSSAcn of the Department of BOSM Controls, looked calm and composed amidst the hustle and bustle in SAC, smiling faintly as he got up for the interview. “The preparations for BOSM are going well, everything’s on track for the CoSSAc so far,” he says. “It’s been more chaotic than usual, but I’m enjoying every minute of the experience.”

When asked about the attendance this time, Neil tells us that the numbers will surely cross those of the previous edition of BOSM. “We have pre-registration going on right now; it’s slightly easier to keep a track of things. The sports teams have been very cooperative too: we’ve moved to a static schedule this time, as we felt that a flexible schedule gave an overwhelming advantage for the home teams ,” he says. He is upbeat about the work put in by the members of his department; praising the tireless efforts put in by the second and third-years.

Neil further talks about the positives of the little-brother sentiment towards BOSM, saying that BOSM, being the youngest fest, allows a lot of new ideas to bounce around during the CoSSAc meetings. “There aren’t any staple events, like MaMO during Oasis apart from, of course, the sports matches, so we’re looking to experiment; to try and involve more BITSians during BOSM.” He claims that the growth of BOSM over the years has allowed the introduction of a lot of new and different events.

So what are some of the new events this time? “We’re going to have a professional show this time: The F16s,” grins Dave. Women’s football and Pool have been added to the sports as well; bodybuilding has been removed. He reflects, “We wanted to have rifle-shooting as well, but we felt that it would be dangerous. The institute was also of the same mindset; perhaps next time.”

“BOSM is a sports fest, but a fest nonetheless. We plan to have more engaging events apart from the sports. BOSM can’t be as flashy as Oasis, but it is the first fest that the first-years will see, so we want it to live up to the expectations of a BITS fest.” Neil stresses that BOSM is also a student-run fest, just like Oasis and APOGEE. “The CoSSAc is a student body; the only thing the institute aids us with is the sports equipment, the courts, grounds and the referees for the matches.”

When asked about the rains, Neil’s eyes flash briefly as he talks about the arrangements made to accommodate such untoward happenings. “Waterproofed tents will be set up; the matches have been scheduled so as to have enough flexibility to adjust to any rains. For my assurance, I have enlisted the services of a baba outside campus, and he assured me there won’t be any such occurrences.”

Neil Dave advises the general BITSian to involve oneself as much as possible during BOSM. “Attend matches of the sports you like. The inaugural ceremony usually has a display of traditional Indian sports: we have kalaripayattu this time around. The F16s concert is also something that a lot of students may enjoy. We also have a talk by the inspiring Premlata Agarwal, an Indian mountain climber, who on May 20, 2011, became the oldest Indian woman to have scaled the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest, at the age of 48 years. Match screenings will also be held for the die-hard fans to enjoy. The schedules are due to turn up in a few days; you can decide how many events you want to attend then.” He signs off saying that a lot of events this BOSM are “not only must-see, but can’t be missed.”


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