Amolak Singh – Joint Sports Secretary

With just over a week to go for BOSM 2015, the Joint Sports Secretary – Amolak Singh – tells us about how it has been with working for the CoSSAc, the preparations leading up to the fest and what he hopes this edition of the fest will turn out to be.

“Preparations have been going on as planned and I would say that we are in a good position to handle the fest at this point. Since we have put in a considerable amount of groundwork, the prospects of the fest being successful seem very promising indeed”, Amolak says.

Elaborating on his experience as a CoSSAcn, he says that it has been incredibly exhausting but just as invigorating to manage a fest of this scale. Going through the tiniest details, poring over the schedules and ensuring that every last ruffle has been smoothened has been a humongous task, however he adds that the workload was split evenly among the CoSSAcns and that it is a brilliant team working towards organizing BOSM 2015.

As we broach the topic of what is it that will make this edition of the fest stand out, Amolak says that this BOSM will have something in store for everyone. The events have been planned in a way so as to attract a general BITSian towards BOSM, not just the sportsmen or the sports quizzers. “If you happen to be an online gaming aficionado, Ignition – BOSM’s official online gaming competition – is the platform for you. Be it Street Football or Box Cricket, you will end up looking forward to this fest for one reason or the other.” For the first time, there will also be a prof show during BOSM by The F16s, which is sure to pull in a lot of crowd while the CoSSAc is in talks with the concerned authorities regarding a lecture by one of the chief guests, to be organized sometime during the fest. Since the details pertaining to this lecture are tentative at the current stage, it will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

On a final note, he urges everyone to treat this BOSM differently from its previous editions as there has been a change in the way it is being organized. Let’s hope to keep the enthusiasm going as we look forward to BOSM 2015.  


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